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Yum meals

Yum is a concept location-based application that helps you find your gastronomic cravings in your area.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2017

The idea originated from too many scattered options for lunch out of which we never could really find what fits us at lunchtime. We wanted everything in the same place ordered by your food preferences and proximity to your location.



The main challenge of the idea was getting as many restaurants on the platform as possible. We had to offer them a solution that will convince them to start using our service as their menu drafting solution of choice.


Our solution consisted of 4 main components:

  • Web application
  • Restaurant management solution
  • API development
  • iFrame plugin (ability to embed the menu on your restaurant’s site)


We’ve built a location-based web application which sorted the restaurants by their proximity to your location. Each restaurant is presented with most importantly - their current menu. Visitors could favorite restaurants and filter them or search them by food options.

First site you think about when hunger strikes

Restaurant management solution was built to be the only menu software a daily lunch cafe or restaurant needs. The software allowed restaurants to schedule their menus in advance and even implement (daily, weekly, monthly) recurring menus if such existed. With custom templates, they could print the menus and use them as an offline marketing strategies. Upon finalizing their menu design (adding their brand colors, logos etc.), they could implement it directly into their own web pages with our plugin. Different user roles allow some restrictions on the restaurant's dashboard.

API written in NodeJS with ExpressJS on top ran a scheduling algorithm that kept an eye on the overlapping of menus and served appropriate data to all of our front-end components.

Front end application was written in AngularJS, back-end server was running on NodeJS and Express JS. We used MongoDB as a database of choice, due to the needed flexibility in data structure.




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