Building a Chrome Extension: Article Summarizer
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Building a Chrome Extension: Article Summarizer

Building the Free Chrome Extention for Summarizing any Web Article using the Power of AI. Updates every month!

Ljubljana, Slovenia, Mar 2023

This February we worked on a short side project, which was very helpful for our daily workflow.

February 2023 updates

We built an article-summarizing Google Chrome extension

In less than 7 hours we fully developed a low-code AI-powered Google Chrome Extension that summarizes any article online - Article Summarizer. 🙌

Why did we start building?

Anyone who scrolls through masses of articles on a daily basis can probably relate. They can get long, boring, and mislead the key points. Getting an article summary has to be quicker.

Naturally, we turned to Open AI for the answer. AI model named text-DaVinci-003 was able to summarize long and unstructured articles in seconds, even highlighting only the main points of the story. Unlike us, AI finds access & knows how to read closed/paid articles from bigger publishers like NY Times, The Economist, etc., and returns an article summary.

If you need an evaluation of the specific article’s content Open AI provides the quickest look into any article online. Chatting with ChatGPT is cool and all, but this could be quicker.

How did we do it?

But how to get the same article summary in just one click? While ChatGPT struggling at its capacity during our prime work hours we would usually have to wait for the article summary. To make it easier for our workflow we decided to build a Chrome extension to speed things up & as we build in public, to share it with other content creators online.

We built this Chrome extension using a low code approach, using React for the front end, MUI for styling, Open AI, and Lambda for security. 🧱

This is our most efficient way to build Open AI Chrome extension yet. We’re enabling you to get access to any online article summary and increase reading efficiency with only one click!

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What went wrong?

Too good to be true to the Google Web Store ... Our first version of Article Summarizer got rejected by Google on our first try. We made a little mistake & mentioned things that are considered a violation of the Google Web Store’s Terms. But we fixed that soon and now it’s up!

With Article Summarizer we’re enabling you to access any online article summary and increase reading efficiency with only one click!

Where to find it?

If you are interested in what we made, feel free to take a look and try it out. IArticle Summarizer is available in the Chrome Web Store - check it out and leave a review. We’d love to hear what you think and when our build comes in handy for you!

March 2023 updates

New organic stats

2 weeks ago we published our V1 of Free Article Summarizer extension & here are our current stats:

  • 50 new users per week
  • 66 weekly active users
  • 505 Impressions
  • 7 Google Reviews

What we plan for V2

  • Licence checkout for advanced users (paid version)
  • Upgraded security
  • Better precision (All features are based on user feedback and starts)

We are talking about:

  • c/p feature
  • using new chat GPT API
  • showing key points while generating the summary

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